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Landlord's Written Notices Are Required

New York landlords must give tenants written notification of the following: If there is an “automatic renewal” clause in the lease, the landlord must give the tenant fifteen to thirty days advance notice that the rental period is about to be automatically renewed. Non-payment of rent: The landlord must properly serve the tenant with a […]

Lease Termination For Fire Damage

Q. My Buffalo, NY apartment was damaged in a fire. Can I terminate my lease and move out? A. This will depend on the condition of the apartment and the terms of your lease.  Tenants have the right to vacate their apartments and cancel the lease if: 1.         The building is destroyed or damaged (e.g., […]

New York Tenant Security Deposits

Collecting a security deposit from the tenant is an absolute necessity because lawsuits against tenants for property damage and unpaid rent are very costly, the tenant may be “judgment proof” and the landlord does not have a right to seize the tenant’s property or obtain a lien for unpaid rent. The security deposit should be […]

NY Tenant's Rright To Subletting And Assignment

Landlords of residential dwellings of four or more units, other than public housing or cooperative apartment buildings, cannot unreasonably withhold their consent to assignment or subleasing of the apartment by the tenant. However, the tenant must obtain the written consent of the landlord before subleasing or assigning. An “assignment” of the lease transfers the entire […]

Questions To Ask New York Property Managers

The right NY property manager can make the difference as to whether or not you succeed as a landlord.  First, have your accountant prepare a budget which includes capital improvements, advertising, taxes, insurance, vacancies and supplies. Interview a few property managers to get an idea of the range of services that are available.  The property […]

New York Landlords Can't Retaliate

New York tenants can use retaliation as a defense to a landlord’s eviction suit.  The landlord is presumed to have retaliated against the tenant if the retaliation takes place within six months after: The tenant complained to the government (e.g. health department or building inspectors); The tenant sued the landlord to enforce the rights under […]

Landlord May Cancel Lease With Porn Merchant

A New York tenant who intended to operate a store for the sale of pornographic materials has an affirmative duty to disclose that fact to the landlord, because such a store may have an adverse impact on neighboring properties. When the tenant responded to the landlord’s ad for a vacant store for rent, he stated […]

Town May Refuse Building Permit For Assisted Living

A New York developer planned to build a 72- unit assisted living facility for the aged with staff offering residents assistance with meals and daily activities, but not skilled nursing care.  The proposed site is zoned partly for commercial use and partly for residential use. After the Board of Zoning Appeals rejected the builder’s bid […]

What Are The Executor’s Responsibilities?

A Will names an executor who has the power to petition the Surrogate’s Court to probate it.  An executor is the “personal representative” and fiduciary of the decedent and as such must administer the estate.  The executor must ensure that the Will is carried out.  In general, the executor must: Handle funeral arrangements and pay […]

What Qualities And Abilities Should An Estate Executor Have?

When you write a Will as testator in Buffalo, NY, it is especially important to choose competent and trustworthy executors and alternate executors.Otherwise, even careful estate planning may be rendered useless.The executor can be any person or institution that you choose.However, an executor should be: Experienced and competent in business matters; Familiar with your business, […]