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When A Child Dies In An Accident In The Buffalo, NY Area, Who Can Sue?

The death of a child is a devastating event, especially when it is a wrongful death that could have been avoided but for the negligence of another party. As experienced Rochester personal injury lawyers, we are proud to help recover any damages that are available as a result of the wrongful death of a child. Who […]

Does A Pedestrian Need To Prove Serious Injury To Sue In The Rochester NY Area?

When a driver or passenger in a car is injured by a negligent driver, it must be proven that the injured person suffered a “serious injury” to successfully pursue a Rochester personal injury claim. The same is true of a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle.The purpose of the rule that a pedestrian must establish a […]

Penalties For Predatory Sexual Assault Against A Child (NY PL 130.96) In Rochester

Predatory Sexual Assault Against A Child (NY PL 130.96) is one of the most serious criminal charges that can be filed in Rochester. The allegation is that you, a person over the age of 18, engaged in first degree rape, criminal sexual assault, aggravated sexual abuse, or course of sexual conduct against a child younger […]

Is My Spouse’s Medical License Worth Anything To Me In Our Divorce In Rochester?

Yes, under New York law, if your spouse earned a medical or other professional license during the marriage, then that license is considered marital property. The enhanced earnings that your spouse will be subject to with the license will be calculated to help determine the final financial and property distributions in the divorce, but the […]

When Suing A Drunk Driver In Rochester Area, Do You Have To Prove Intoxication Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

When Suing A Drunk Driver In Rochester Area, Do You Have To Prove Intoxication Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Drunk driving is a crime. When a drunk driver causes a personal injury accident, he or she will almost always face charges in a Rochester area criminal court. These criminal charges are handled separately from any claim for personal injury that may be pursued, and the standard of proof is different in the criminal case from […]

Rochester Criminal Defense Attorney For Promoting A Suicide Attempt; When Punishable As Attempt To Commit Murder (NY PL 120.35)

Charges of Promoting a Suicide Attempt are filed under New York’s statute 120.30, but the statute NY PL 120.35 stipulates that in cases where duress or deception were used to promote the suicide attempt, you can be charged under the attempted murder statute instead. Obviously, this puts you in much greater danger of prison, changing […]

Penalties For Sexually Motivated Felony (NY PL 130.91) In Rochester

When a person is convicted of a crime that has been designated a Sexually Motivated Felony under NY PL 130.91, your judge in Rochester will sentence you under an enhanced schedule. For instance, conviction of a D felony would normally lead to a sentence of between one and seven years. When your charge is prosecuted as […]

Penalties For Sexual Abuse In The Second Degree (NY PL 130.60) In Rochester

Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree (NY PL 130.60) is a class A misdemeanor that Rochester prosecutors can use to put you in jail for up to a year. A conviction also means a fine of up to $1,000, but more importantly, having a conviction for Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree means that you’ll be […]

Penalties For Sexual Abuse In The Third Degree (NY PL 130.55) In Rochester

It is class B misdemeanor in New York to subject another person to sexual contact without their consent. Prosecutors in Rochester can file charges of Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree (NY PL 130.55) if you engage in the touching of another person’s intimate body parts without their consent. As a B misdemeanor, your maximum sentence […]