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When The Injured Person Is A Child In Rochester, Does It Change The Value Of A Personal Injury Claim?

While there is no official law or rule that injuries suffered by a child must be evaluated differently than injury to an adult, our experience as Rochester personal injury lawyers has been that when the injured party is a child, it can impact the value of the personal injury claim in several ways. While each case […]

Can A Pedestrian Recover Damages In A Hit And Run Where The Driver Was Not Identified In Rochester?

Sometimes a Rochester pedestrian can suffer serious personal injury when hit by a car that flees the scene of the accident. If someone can identify the vehicle and the driver is later caught, the injured pedestrian can proceed to make a personal injury claim against that driver. Obviously, this is not the case when the driver […]

Penalties For Vehicular Assault In The First Degree (NY PL 120.04) In Buffalo

As a class D felony, judges in Buffalo have the discretion to sentence an offender to up to seven years in prison if they’re convicted of Vehicular Assault in the First Degree (NY PL 120.04). Some amount of jail time is common for the charge, but in some circumstances a judge can be convinced to […]

Penalties For Aggravated Vehicular Assault (NY PL 120.04-A) In Buffalo

Aggravated Vehicular Assault (NY PL 120.04-A) is a very serious class C felony. Prosecutors in Buffalo approach cases of Aggravated Vehicular Assault with great intensity, and you’ll probably be facing a motivated prosecution seeking the maximum penalties available. These can include a prison sentence as long as 15 years, fines of $5,000, years of probation, […]

Penalties For Assault In The First Degree (NY PL 120.10) In Buffalo

Assault in the First Degree (NY PL 120.10) in Buffalo is an extremely serious class B felony that can lead to a 25 year sentence even when you have no prior criminal record. The stakes could not be higher for you, but the good news is that an experienced criminal defense attorney can make a […]

Should I Hire A Lawyer For My Divorce In Buffalo?

Any time you’re dealing with a legal dispute, judges, and court orders that stand to restrain your actions or cost you money, it’s advisable to consult someone who has the knowledge and experience to help you make the best decisions. Even in a best case scenario, where you and your spouse are working together to […]

Penalties For Assault On A Peace Officer, Police Officer, Fireman, Or Emergency Medical Services Provider (NY PL 120.08) In Buffalo

Causing injury to a first responder while attempting to prevent them from performing their official duties is a class C felony that is charged as Assault on a Peace Officer, Police Officer, Fireman or Emergency Medical Services Provider (NY PL 120.08). If Buffalo prosecutors prove their case, you can be sentenced to up to 15 […]

Penalties For Gang Assault In The First Degree (NY PL 120.07) In Buffalo

Like any first degree crime, Gang Assault in the First Degree (NY PL 120.07) is an extremely serious charge, and if Buffalo prosecutors are able to convict you, you may face up to 25 years in prison. Prosecutors don’t have to show that you are a gang member in order to win. The elements of […]

Penalties For Gang Assault In The Second Degree (NY PL 120.06) In Buffalo

Buffalo prosecutors take a very strong stand against allegations of assault by groups of people. When three or more persons engage in an assault that injures another, all are subject to charges under Gang Assault in the Second Degree (NY PL 120.06), a class C felony that can result in up to 15 years in […]

How Can I Protect My Divorce Records From The Public Or Media In Buffalo?

While the fact of your divorce will be a matter of public record, the legal proceedings, depositions, motions, testimony, and submissions are protected from the public and the media. Only the parties to the action are eligible to request documents or records of the divorce. The State of New York takes these privacy requirements very […]