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Penalties For Aggravated Sexual Abuse In The First Degree (NY PL 130.70) In Buffalo

Crimes of the first degree carry the highest sentences of that category of offense, and in the case of a felony sex crime like Aggravated Sexual Abuse in the First Degree (NY PL 130.70), Buffalo prosecutors can ask the court for a sentence as long as 25 years, with most sentences landing somewhere between 9 […]

My Spouse Filed For Divorce In Buffalo. How Do I Contest It?

Once you’ve been served with divorce papers, you may feel the need to immediately react, but you’ll likely be better off if you take a few days to collect yourself and get a handle on your emotions. You’ll want to contact an attorney soon, but you have 20 days in which to respond, so don’t […]

Penalties For Aggravated Sexual Abuse In The Second Degree (NY PL 130.67) In The Buffalo NY Area

Aggravated Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree (NY PL 130.67) is a class C felony, and Buffalo prosecutors are likely to push for you to get the longest possible sentence, which is 15 years. People who are alleged to have used force, ignored a lack of consent, or sexually abused a child are subject to […]

Penalties For Aggravated Sexual Abuse In The Third Degree (NY PL 130.66) In Buffalo NY

Any Aggravated Sexual Abuse charge is a felony, and any conviction or guilty plea will have lasting consequences for you. If you’re facing charges of Aggravated Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree (NY PL 130.66), know that you aren’t only risking seven years in prison. Once you’re released back into society, you’ll also be required […]

Penalties For Aggravated Sexual Abuse In The Fourth Degree (NY PL 130.65a) In Buffalo

Aggravated Sexual Abuse in the Fourth Degree (NY PL 130.65a) is a felony charge that Buffalo prosecutors will pursue relentlessly. Like any sex crime prosecution, a conviction or even guilty plea means that you may end up in prison (Aggravated Sexual Abuse in the Fourth Degree carries a maximum four year sentence), but also that […]

Penalties For Predatory Sexual Assault (NY PL 130.95) In Buffalo

Predatory Sexual Assault (NY PL 130.95) is charged in addition to other extremely serious allegations in Buffalo. If you’re facing prosecution for one of several first degree sex crimes during which you caused injury or threatened another with a dangerous instrument, you have a history of conviction for incest or use of child in a […]

What Do Judges In Buffalo Consider In Child Custody Disputes?

The judge in your Buffalo divorce or family court matter will be focusing on your child’s best interests in your custody dispute. To this end, the judge will consider factors like the relative bond each parent has with the child and which parent has been the primary caregiver. Each parent’s ability to promote a positive […]

What Happens If The Manufacturer Makes Changes To An Ignition Interlock Device In Buffalo?

When a driver is convicted of a misdemeanor level drinking and driving offense in a Buffalo area court – such as Driving While Intoxicated, Driving with a Blood Alcohol Content of .08% or Greater, or Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated per se – he or she will be required to have an ignition interlock device on […]

Is A Buffalo Breath Test Operator Only Tested On The Use Of The Breath Test Machine Once?

Any Buffalo area police officer who conducts a breath test on a driver suspected of drinking and driving is required to have completed a course regarding the operation of that machine, passed a test, and been issued a permit to perform the breath test by New York State.If the police officer who performed the test […]

Does Taking A Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course In Buffalo Help After A DWI Conviction?

Many Buffalo area drivers who are convicted of a drinking and driving offense will need to take a course to obtain a conditional driver’s license, which allows them to continue driving for work, school and other necessities. This course is not the same as the Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course that is available to any […]