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How Can I Evict a Tenant?

Rochester Landlord Tenant Lawyer Discusses Eviction

Rochester Landlord Tenant Lawyer Discusses Eviction As a Rochester Landlord Tenant Lawyer, I am often asked how to evict a tenant for nonpayment of rent. The first step is to serve a notice on the tenant to pay rent or get out. After that the city or town court papers are served on the tenant […]

Rochester Landlord Tenant Attorney Explains a Landlord’s Liability to Use Smoke Detectors

Clients often come to me as an experienced Rochester Landlord Tenant Attorney, and ask about the requirement for smoke detectors in their properties.  Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are required everywhere now, and they represent a huge liability for landlords, so it is important to keep accurate records of smoke detectors and their maintenance. […]

Rochester Business Lawyer Discusses Shareholder Agreements

Rochester Business Lawyer Discusses Shareholder Agreements

As a Rochester Business lawyer, clients often ask me about whether or not they should have a shareholder agreement. We have seen many shareholder disputes, even amongst family members. It is very important to have a shareholder agreement to spell out what will ultimately happen to the corporation if there is a voluntary sell, death, […]

Rochester Child Custody Attorney Explains What You Should Know About Shared Residency

Rochester Child Custody Attorney

A lot of people come into see me as an experienced Rochester Child Custody Attorney, asking whether or not they can maintain a shared residency arrangement. I explain to that shared residency means there’s a fairly equal sharing in terms of where the children will live. For example, in one common shared residence arrangement, the children live […]

Rochester Real Estate Attorney Discusses Closing Costs of a Foreclosed Property

Rochester Real Estate Attorney

I am often asked as an experienced Rochester Real Estate Attorney, about closing costs for a foreclosed property.  Closing costs are spelled out in the contract, which lists the closing costs paid by  each side. If you’re buying a foreclosure property, you will usually have to pay all the normal closing costs because, in most […]

Rochester DWI Lawyer Discusses Aggravated DWI

Rochester DWI Lawyer Discusses Aggravated DWI

As a Rochester DWI lawyer, I am often asked what is aggravated DWI or driving while intoxicated. Aggravated DWI is charged either where there are children in the vehicle with the drunk driver or the blood alcohol content is 0.18 or greater. Have you recently been charged with an aggravated DWI?  If so, contact the […]

Rochester Divorce Attorney Discusses What You Need to Know About Spousal Support

Rochester Divorce Attorney

When someone comes to see me as a Rochester Divorce Attorney asking about spousal support, I tell them New York law contains a formula which will determine spousal support. Essentially, that law is a calculator. The wife’s income and the husband’s income are entered, and a calculation within the law will determine whether or not spousal support […]

Rochester Landlord Tenant Lawyer Examines the Basis of Liability for a Landlord

Rochester Landlord Tenant Lawyer

As a dedicated Rochester Landlord Tenant Lawyer, I often advise landlords on the basis of liability. Tenants sue landlords on a number of legal grounds, one of which is called the Warranty of Habitability. It’s based on contract theory, so the Warranty of Habitability applies to all residential properties anywhere in the United States. The […]

Rochester Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Schools Being Held Responsible

Rochester Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Schools Being Held Responsible

As an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer, a lot of moms and dads will come in after their child has been injured at school and they want to know whether or not they have a claim against the school. What I tell them is we have to do a full and complete investigation about how […]

Rochester Domestic Violence Lawyer Discusses the Effects the Restraining Order Can Have

Rochester Domestic Violence Lawyer

People come to see me as an experienced Rochester Domestic Violence Lawyer and ask, “What is a restraining order?” A restraining order is generally issued by a court – and it can be issued by one of our local town, village, or city courts. It can also be issued by the family court where a complaint to […]