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Damage Done: Charges A Hurdle Even When Dismissed

Damage Done: Charges A Hurdle Even When Dismissed

A Troy, NY teenager who headed off to his freshman year at Buffalo State College saw his future changed forever when police arrested him on a bogus sexual abuse charge. Though Elijah Bethel had a verifiable alibi and witnesses to attest to his whereabouts following another student’s being groped in her dorm room, police arrested […]

Memphis NY Man Charged After Domestic Incident

Sometimes alcohol can cause problems far beyond a drunk driving arrest. In the case of James D. Power of Memphis, New York, a very bad night began with a phone call to police, in which a woman reported that Power had prevented her from leaving the home and physically harassed her. By the time police […]

Rochester City Court Judge Arrested for DWI with .19% BAC

A Rochester City Court Judge has been arrested after New York State troopers spotted her car, heavily damaged and with flat tires, pulled off to the side of 490 West near Mt. Read Boulevard. Judge Leticia Astacio was behind the wheel of the vehicle when troopers stopped to investigate around 8:00 a.m. on February 13. […]

When A Bike Is Struck By A Car, Who Pays The Injured Bicyclist’s Medical Bills?

When a bike rider in the Rochester area is struck by a car, it is not unusual for the bicyclist to suffer serious personal injury. If the bicyclist had been in a car instead of riding a bike, the initial medical bills would be paid by the auto insurance for the car in which he or […]

Can A Child Assume The Risk Of An Activity That Leads To A Personal Injury In Buffalo?

Children can suffer personal injuries while involved in a variety of different activities, and it helps to have an experienced Rochester personal injury lawyer evaluate the circumstances surrounding injuries to a child to determine whether a claim for damages may be brought. In cases where a child was voluntarily participating in an activity and was injured, […]

Does It Help In A Personal Injury Case If The Driver Who Hit A Pedestrian Was Given A Traffic Ticket In Buffalo?

Rochester drivers are required to yield to pedestrians when the pedestrian has the right of way. A driver who fails to do so and strikes a pedestrian as a result may be ticketed for failing to obey the rules of the road. While the fact that the driver received a traffic ticket may be helpful in […]

If The Drunk Driver Who Injured Me Died In The Accident, Who Do I Sue In Buffalo?

Many very serious personal injury accidents in the Rochester area have been caused by intoxicated drivers. Because drunk drivers have slowed reaction times and often do not even see other vehicles until it is too late, drunk driving accidents commonly happen at high speeds and may prove fatal to the drunk driver, innocent victims or both. […]

Buffalo Man Arrested On Drug Charges For Fentanyl Possession

Fentanyl, a powerful opiate linked to rising numbers of heroin deaths in recent years, is at the center of a recent Buffalo drug case. In February, police raided the home of Robert L. Smith after receiving information that Smith had a large amount of drugs in his home. Once inside, they discovered 167 bags of […]

How Much Alimony Can I Get In My Divorce In Buffalo?

Potentially, you may be entitled to quite a lot in alimony payments in a divorce in Rochester, based on the financial status of your marriage, your income, and your spouse’s income. There are several types of alimony available in New York, which are all referred to as “maintenance” in the state. During the divorce, you […]

Can A Bicyclist Injured By A Car While Crossing An Intersection In The Buffalo NY Area Sue For Damages?

Bicyclists in the Rochester area do have certain rights at intersections and are entitled to pursue damages if they suffer a personal injury as a result of a driver’s negligence. How successful a personal injury claim will be when it involves a bike rider crossing an intersection depends on the specific facts surrounding the collision between […]