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Are There Any Rules For The Field Sobriety Tests Used By The Buffalo Area Police?

In almost all Buffalo DWI cases, the arresting officer will ask a driver suspected of drinking and driving to perform various field sobriety tests prior to placing the driver under arrest. The purpose of these tests is to determine whether the driver has any physical or mental limitations that would support a finding of intoxication […]

Will Rochester Judges Approve A Modified Custody Agreement If I’m Moving Out Of State And Want My Kids For The Summer?

It’s certainly possible to get modifications of custody agreements when a non-custodial parent is moving away from New York for professional, family, or other reasons. It’s always beneficial to bring your former spouse into the dialogue before going to court, and an experienced child custody attorney can help you talk to your spouse if your […]

Does The Non-Custodial Parent Need Permission From The Court To Move Out Of State After A Divorce In Rochester?

No, the non-custodial parent does not need permission to move out of New York after a divorce, but doing so may impact your ability to continue with visitation as scheduled. If your custody agreement includes provisions barring you from taking your children out of state, you’ll have to return to New York to see your […]

How Do We Modify Our Custody Agreement When The Non-Custodial Parent Is Moving Out Of State From Buffalo?

Custody agreement modification when a non-custodial parent is moving out of state can be minor or major. The non-custodial parent is not obligated to the court-ordered visitations, so a lot depends on how involved your former spouse wishes to be as a parent. If they are picturing an ongoing relationship that includes visitation in the […]

Do We Have To Divide A Valuable Antique Collection As Part Of Our Buffalo Divorce?

Distribution of marital assets can be as painful or as painless as you want it to be. In a litigated divorce that features a divorce trial, the judge is likely to order valuable pieces liquidated, often at below-market rates, but if you and your spouse are willing to work together and avoid that outcome, the […]

What If I Put A Lot Of Money Into The Buffalo Rental Property That My Spouse Has Owned Since Before We Were Married?

While the rules of marital versus separate assets are clear at first glance, there are many situations that can convert an apparent separate asset into a marital one. If you invested heavily in a remodel or renovation to a separate asset with the expectation of enhanced earnings from the property, there may be a case […]

Can Someone Ever Permanently Lose Their Driver’s License For DWI In The Buffalo Area?

A driver facing a permanent revocation of his or her driver’s license needs the help of an experienced Buffalo DWI lawyer. While the Department of Motor Vehicles is authorized to withhold driving privileges longer than the minimum revocation period for any drinking and driving conviction, it will almost always allow a driver who has complied […]

In The Buffalo Area, Are There Special Plea Limitations For Drunk Drivers Under The Age Of 21?

There are a variety of special regulations that Buffalo drivers under the age of 21 charged with DWI should be aware of when it comes to drinking and driving. The law bars the operation of a motor vehicle by a driver under the age of 21 after having consumed any amount of alcohol, and under […]

Does It Matter What Type Of Vehicle You Are Driving If Stopped For DWI In The Buffalo Area?

Most stops for drinking and driving in the Buffalo area involve individuals operating private passenger vehicles such as cars, pick-up trucks or SUVs. All of these vehicles are treated the same for purposes of New York’s DWI laws. For larger vehicles and certain vehicles that are not private vehicles, a drunk driver may face enhanced […]

Who Pays For The Ignition Interlock Device Following A DWI Conviction In The Buffalo Area?

A Buffalo driver convicted of Driving While Intoxicated who is eligible for a conditional license and wishes to continue driving will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on every vehicle he or she drives. This device checks the driver’s breath for alcohol when starting the vehicle and periodically thereafter. A positive test […]