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What Happens At A Victim Impact Panel In The Buffalo Area?

A Buffalo driver convicted of drinking and driving will find that, in some areas, the court has broad discretion when crafting a sentence. In addition to the expected consequences of fines and potential jail time or probation, the court may impose additional penalties aimed at educating or rehabilitating the defendant for the purpose of curbing […]

Can Someone Be Arrested In The Buffalo Area For DWI On Private Property?

As Buffalo DWI defense lawyers, we would never advise anyone to drive a vehicle after having consumed too much alcohol, even if it is not actually illegal to do so. Drinking and driving is not always illegal on private property, but this does not make it a good idea. Under older versions of New York […]

What Is A “Change In Circumstance” When It Comes To Modifying Support Payments In Buffalo?

Judges understand that however solid an initial agreement is between two spouses at the time of a divorce, situations change, and sometimes these agreements require review and modification to be realistic in a new context. When your support payments become unmanageable, it may be time to ask for help. In Buffalo, courts are open to […]

Is My Medical license in jeopardy if I fall behind on child support payments in Buffalo?

Eventually, a professional or occupational license issued by the State of New York will fall into jeopardy if you fail to meet your child support obligation in Buffalo. The state has numerous administrative tools at its disposal to encourage parents to provide for their children, from wage garnishment to driver’s license suspension to assuming control […]

Are My Divorce Records In Buffalo Available To The Public?

No, your divorce records will not be available to the public, and Buffalo courts will only grant access to you, your spouse, and your attorneys. This way, individuals don’t have to worry that financial information or allegations of misconduct will fall into the wrong hands, and identifying information like the name of minor children won’t […]

What Is The New York State Assigned Risk Program?

A Buffalo driver arrested for DWI or driving under the influence of drugs faces many consequences aside from a possible court conviction. There are many financial repercussions to a conviction for drinking and driving on top of any fine that may be imposed by the court. One of the most expensive of these financial repercussions […]

What Must Be Proven In The Buffalo Area To Establish A Violation Of The Zero Tolerance Law For Under 21 Drivers?

Under New York’s Zero Tolerance Law, a Buffalo driver under the age of twenty-one may be penalized if they have operated a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of between 0.02% and 0.07%. Violations of this law for having low levels of alcohol are not handled in criminal court, but instead at a hearing before […]

What Are The Penalties For Vehicular Assault In The First Degree in The Buffalo Area?

Repeat or extremely intoxicated DWI offenders who are charged with Vehicular Assault in the First Degree face serious penalties and need the help of an experienced Buffalo criminal defense lawyer. First Degree Vehicular Assault is a class D felony. A conviction will lead to a permanent criminal record and is likely to result in the […]

Defense Attorney For Vehicular Assault in the First Degree In The Buffalo Area?

Attorneys With Friedman & Ranzenhofer Provide Information Regarding Vehicular Assault In The First Degree There are several different criminal charges a Buffalo driver who is accused of causing an injury in a motor vehicle accident may face. Vehicular Assault in the First Degree (NY Penal Code Article 120.04) is a very serious criminal charge that […]

If I Have My Kids For The Summer, Do I Still Have To Pay Child Support For Those Months?

You do. When your former spouse is the primary caretaker of your children, you may feel like the long summer break is your time to cut loose with your kids and spend that money directly on them. From the perspective of Rochester courts though, you’d be in violation of your child support order if you […]