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What Is The Penalty For Forcible Touching In Buffalo, New York?

Forcible Touching is a crime and will result in any adult Buffalo resident convicted of the offense having a permanent criminal record. It also carries other serious repercussions. As a class A misdemeanor, Forcible Touching has a maximum possible jail sentence of up to one year. The Court may also impose a sentence of up […]

What Is Considered Forcible Touching In Buffalo?

As experienced Buffalo criminal defense attorneys, we are familiar with the variety of crimes categorized as Sex Offenses in New York State. While still a crime, Forcible Touching is one of the less serious Sex Offense charges. A person may be charged with Forcible Touching based on an accusation that he or she intentionally and […]

The Criminal Charge Of Making Graffiti In Buffalo

It is not uncommon for Buffalo’s young people to become involved in illegal activity related to vandalism of property. While vandalism can take several forms, the making of graffiti is prevalent enough that it is listed as a separate criminal offense in New York State. The term graffiti under New York State law includes the […]

Is Custody Decided In Buffalo Family Court Or As Part Of The Divorce?

Initially, a custody agreement is a mandatory part of your divorce settlement, and the judge won’t issue you a divorce until you’ve worked out a sound custody agreement. However, once a couple is divorced, life changes may necessitate changes to the custody agreement, and those will be decided and approved in Family Court. At Friedman […]

Does The Judge Decide The Terms Of Our Divorce, Or Do We Negotiate Them?

A judge will only decide the terms of your divorce if you can’t negotiate them, and the truth is that both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will save a lot of time, money, and emotional energy if you can work together to negotiate agreement on financial matters, support, and child custody. Couples who can agree […]

I Live In Buffalo And Can’t Afford My Support Payments Anymore – What Will Happen?

It’s a fact of life that changes happen, and when you’re divorced and supporting your former spouse or your kids, events like losing a job or getting injured or sick become not only personal tragedies, but legal issues as well. If you’ve been meeting your support obligations but have experienced a sudden change in circumstance […]