How Does A Driver Get A License Back When Not Enrolled In The Buffalo Drinking Driver Program?

Most first time offenders convicted of a drinking and driving offense in the Buffalo area will be eligible to participate in the Drinking Driver Program (DDP).

Participation in the DDP is required to obtain a conditional driver’s license.

Upon completion of the DDP, some first time offenders also may be eligible to have their full driving privileges restored.

Drivers who are not eligible for the DDP – or who choose not to participate – are not only barred from obtaining a conditional driver’s license, but also must serve the full term of the driver’s license suspension or revocation imposed by the court before becoming eligible to seek termination of the penalty imposed.

If the driver’s license was suspended, it will be restored at the end of the suspension period upon payment of the suspension termination fee of $50.

If the driver’s license was revoked, the driver may re-apply at a local branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

For drivers who do not participate in the DDP, re-application may not be pursued until the full revocation period imposed by the court has been completed.

Moreover, if the driver was placed on probation, the DMV may require written permission from the sentencing court or the driver’s probation officer to apply for reinstatement of his or her driver’s license.

A driver who is approved for re-licensing following a revocation may be required to pass all qualifying tests, serve a six-month probation period and pay any additional fees.

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