What Does A Law Guardian Do In A Divorce Case With Children In Buffalo?

A law guardian is a lawyer that the court appoints to represent the interests of your children in Buffalo.

While the position the law guardian takes will be significant in a custody matter, rest assured that the law guardian’s position is not wholly determinative to the court.

Regardless, whatever decision the law guardian makes as it relates to custody matters must be supported by evidence.

The law guardian is not a witness who will testify or be cross-examined, but rather an attorney whose job it is to represent your children’s interests, not either parent.

When you’re fighting for custody, every element of the case can feel like life or death.

When you work with experienced Buffalo divorce and child custody attorneys, they can pave the way for a smoother, less anxious process, and help you win the best outcome for your children.

Call the attorneys at Friedman & Ranzenhofer today at 585-484-7432 for experienced help with your divorce and child custody matter in Buffalo.

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