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Criminal Attorney For Vehicular Assault In The Second Degree In The Buffalo Area

Criminal Defense Attorneys Friedman & Ranzenhofer Provide Details On Vehicular Assault In The Second Degree New York State has several criminal charges that a Buffalo driver may face if accused of drinking and driving and being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Vehicular Assault in the Second Degree (NY Penal Code Article 120.03) is a […]

Is There A Formula For How Permanent Spousal Maintenance Is Calculated In Rochester?

Unlike child support, there isn’t a simple formula that courts use to determine the amount of spousal maintenance in Rochester divorces, or even whether it should be paid. In a litigated divorce, maintenance is likely to be a significant consideration the judge will have to resolve. In an uncontested action, on the other hand, maintenance […]

Can I Stop Paying Child Support If My Ex In Rochester Doesn’t Let Me See My Kid?

No, you can’t stop paying child support in Rochester without a court order, even if your ex is preventing you from your court ordered visitation with your child. You do have options though, up to and including petitioning the court to reverse its custody finding based on a pattern of interference by your ex. If […]

Will I Have To Pay Spousal Support Forever If My Spouse In Buffalo Never Remarries After Our Divorce?

In many cases, spousal support isn’t intended to be a permanent shift of wealth from one person to an ex-spouse. While your former spouse may not remarry, if they begin cohabitating with a new partner, the support obligation generally ends. Much depends on the type of spousal maintenance agreement you sign onto, which will be […]

Does Buffalo Allow Collaborative Or Mediated Divorce?

Yes, Buffalo allows collaborative and mediated divorces, so many couples are able to dissolve their marriage without the expense or drama of a litigated divorce. Collaborative and mediated divorces are similar to filing an uncontested divorce action, but in mediation, the parties work with a neutral mediator to come to terms about the elements of […]

Do I Make Child Support Payments To My Ex, Or To Buffalo’s Child Support Collections Unit?

It may seem impersonal, but rather than paying your child support directly to your former spouse, the judge will typically order you to remit payment to Buffalo’s Support Collections Unit (SCU), which is responsible for disbursing funds to your ex for the care of your children. The system is set up this way to better […]

What Are The Penalties In The Buffalo Area For Driving While Intoxicated Per Se As A Class D Felony?

A Buffalo driver arrested for Driving While Intoxicated Per Se as a class D Felony faces a very serious criminal charge. A defendant convicted of this offense not only will have a permanent criminal record, but also faces very high fines and the possibility of extensive jail time. While a first time DWI offender faces […]

Driving While Intoxicated Per Se As A Class D Felony In The Buffalo Area

A defendant who has previously been convicted of multiple drinking and driving offenses requires the help of an experienced Buffalo criminal defense lawyer. In almost all cases, having a history of DWI convictions will result in the current charge being enhanced and much greater penalties being imposed if convicted. Driving While Intoxicated Per Se as […]

What Is The Buffalo Area Drug Court Program For Those Arrested For DWAI By Drugs or DWI?

Defense Attorney For DWI and DWAI Charges And Arrests Many courts in New York State, including courts in the Buffalo area, now have what are termed “drug court” or “drug treatment court” programs. While the specific criteria for entry into one of these court programs may vary from court to court, individuals arrested for alcohol-related […]

What Is A Hardship License And How Do You Get One In The Buffalo Area?

One of the most difficult situations faced by Buffalo drivers accused of drinking and driving is loss of driving privileges. Under New York State law, the driver’s license of most individuals arrested for DWI will be suspended by the judge during arraignment on the charge, which usually occurs at the first court appearance. The suspension […]