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Leases and Rental Agreements

Are you a landlord needing assistance writing leases and rental agreements? Check out this video for the steps you need to take, then call our Rochester landlord tenant attorneys for a consultation.

Over the past 39 years, I have reviewed many leases and most of the leases that I’ve reviewed are quite defective. Client’s obtain leases on the internet or in stationary stores or from friends, and in many cases the leases are in favor of the tenants. There’s some key provisions that will expedite evictions, decrease your liability. Also, you need to have clauses in there to avoid discrimination lawsuits. We will draft the lease which is best for your particular situation. There’s certain issues that are unique to renting out a double or a single home where there’s a yard involved. For your protection, and to speed up evictions and be able to collect rents, we can draft a lease that’s in your favor as a landlord.

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