Rochester Lawyers / Rochester Child Custody Lawyer Discusses Relocating to Another State with the Children

Rochester Child Custody Lawyer Discusses Relocating to Another State with the Children

Clients will ask me as a Rochester Child Custody Lawyer if they can relocate to another state or far away with their children.
  • One party may wish to relocate to a distant state – or part of the state. If the other parent has regular contact with the child, one of two things is necessary to obtain permission to relocate with the child.
  • First, the parent with whom the child does not live must agree to the move – in writing.
  • If the non-moving parent refuses consent, application to the court is required.
  • The court will determine whether or not relocation is appropriate based on the relevant facts and circumstances.
  • One parent can’t simply move without consent from the other parent or permission from the court.
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