Rochester Child Custody Lawyer on Your Child Being Able to Choose Their Residency

As an experienced Rochester Child Custody Lawyer, I am often asked if a child can move out of one parent’s home for the other.

  • When a child who is living with one parent wants to live with the other, both parents should  ask themselves whether the child really wants to make the change or if there’s a long-standing issue.
  • If he or she really does want to change residences, getting the other parent’s agreement is unlikely, so it will be necessary to make an application to the court, setting forth the reasons for the change.
  • Every case is different and the facts are different for every family.
  • Although the child’s point of view will be considered, the judge will decide what’s best.

Does your child want to move to your place of residence?  Contact dedicated Rochester Child Custody Lawyer Michael Ranzenhofer for guidance.

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