Rochester Divorce Lawyer Discusses Sharing the Same Home During a Divorce

Clients will call me as an experienced Rochester Divorce Lawyer, and ask if during the divorce their spouse and them can share their marital home.

  • Whether both parties can live in the same house while the divorce is pending depends on the spouses’ ability to get along without too much hostility or friction – between the parties or between them and the children.
  • Although there will eventually be two households and duplicate costs, during the divorce process itself, it’s better for both people to stay in one household.
  • In the case of volatility, violence, hostility, or friction – or if one or both parties are too uncomfortable – it makes sense for one to move out.
  • Failure to separate may result in problems such as police involvement or adverse effects on the children.
  • The husband and wife must ask themselves honestly, “Can we live together while this divorce is pending?” If so, they can save money. Otherwise, one – or maybe both – will have to move.

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