Rochester Lawyers / Rochester Domestic Violence Lawyer Examines the Effects of a Restraining Order

Rochester Domestic Violence Lawyer Examines the Effects of a Restraining Order

As an experienced Rochester Domestic Violence Lawyer, I am often asked about the effects of a restraining order on a person.
  • A restraining order is usually issued by one of our local town, village, or city courts, but it may also be issued by the family court if a complaint has been made to the police, or if one party alleges a family offense in Monroe County family court.
  • The court will issue a one-sided order without hearing the other side.
  • That is the restraining order which orders a person to stay completely away from the one who filed the request, or to have no contact with that person.
  • If someone files a criminal charge or family offense against you, it is imperative to abide by that restraining order. It is no longer just the other person simply making the complaint against you.
  • Once a court has issued an order that says either stay away or have no contact, you must not continue having contact with the complaining party or violate that restraining order because doing so is a violation of a judge’s order – not just a disagreement with the other person.
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