Rochester Real Estate Lawyer on the Attorneys Role in a Real Estate Matter

  • When one party in a transaction doesn’t want to hire an attorney, a client may ask one attorney to represent both sides. Although some attorneys will do so, it is a bad idea, even for family members. Separate representation offers the best protection because, even in a simple real estate transaction, things can turn very nasty and the attorney is caught in the middle.
  • Each side should have an attorney to represent their interests; in fact, we usually won’t represent someone unless the other side is also represented by an attorney. Representing both sides can lead to major problems, especially for the attorney who represents a buyer in a transaction where the seller has no idea what they’re doing, but is trying to save money.
  • For their individual protection, it’s best for each party to have his or her own attorney – especially in this part of the country where laws are very different from those in other states.
  • As an example, title insurance, even downstate New York is completely different. Attorneys in upstate New York have a much larger role than they do in downstate New York or any other part of the country.

This educational legal video was brought to you by Robert Friedman, an experienced Rochester Real Estate Attorney.