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Defense Lawyer For An Arrest On Use Of A Child To Commit A Controlled Substance Offense (NY PL 220.28) In The Buffalo, NY Area

Buffalo prosecutors are strongly invested in preventing young people from being coerced into or otherwise involved in drug trafficking rings. To this end, Use of Child to Commit a Controlled Substance Offense (NY PL 220.28) will be charged when a defendant over the age of 18 committed or attempted to commit a felony drug sale, […]

Defense Attorney For Criminal Possession Of A Controlled Substance; Presumption (NY PL 220.25) Charge In The Buffalo, NY Area

In many drug arrest cases in Buffalo, police don’t only take the person in possession into custody, but also the people in a car or home as well. Under NY PL 220.25, police are allowed to make the presumption that, under certain circumstances, other people near controlled substances or a person in possession of controlled […]

Defense Attorney For An Arrest On Criminal Possession Of A Controlled Substance In The First Degree (NY PL 220.21) In The Buffalo, NY Area

Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the First Degree (NY PL 220.21) is Class A-I Felony in Buffalo, and conviction can result in a minimum sentence of between 15-40 years, and as long as life in prison. This is obviously an extremely serious charge. There are two instances under which prosecutors use NY PL […]

Does A Temporary Maintenance Award Mean I Can Count On A Permanent Alimony Award In My Buffalo Divorce?

When a divorce begins, judges take great care to ensure that, to the largest extent possible, both parties are financially secure. Awards of temporary maintenance to a lower-earning spouse are fairly routine and based on short term considerations, but spousal support (alimony) awards post-divorce are a more considered matter. Because a divorce can take many […]