Does A Temporary Maintenance Award Mean I Can Count On A Permanent Alimony Award In My Buffalo Divorce?

When a divorce begins, judges take great care to ensure that, to the largest extent possible, both parties are financially secure.

Awards of temporary maintenance to a lower-earning spouse are fairly routine and based on short term considerations, but spousal support (alimony) awards post-divorce are a more considered matter.

Because a divorce can take many months in Buffalo, each spouse’s circumstances may change.

Spousal maintenance will also depend on the lengthy financial disclosures each side is required to provide, and assets and debts may be negotiated or allocated in such a way to reduce or increase a spousal maintenance award.

Additionally, a permanent alimony award is rare, and usually reserved for situations where the court believes that a spouse will never gain financial independence, such as when, after a long marriage, an elderly or disabled spouse may be left penniless by the dissolution of the marriage.

Much more commonly, a spousal maintenance award will be designated for a certain period of time, allowing for educational or career attainment.

The attorneys at Friedman & Ranzenhofer make sure our clients get the maximal award they are entitled to in their divorce in Buffalo.

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