3 Facts About Distracted Driving

3 Facts About Distracted DrivingDistracted driving, such as texting or making a call while on the road, can have serious consequences. The bottom line is, don’t do it. Calls and texts can wait. It’s not worth getting in a life-altering accident just to check your phone. Here are 3 facts about distracted driving that can make you more aware of the dangers.

3 Facts About Distracted Driving | You Could Go to Jail

Unfortunately, we’ve had a few instances in Western New York where distracted drivers have crashed into other vehicles, on the New York State Thruway, and killed the other drivers, and they have been convicted of manslaughter. One truck driver was, during an online order, filling out a survey when he rear-ended a mother in her 40s. There was a tractor trailer driver who was streaming pornography on the New York State Thruway and rear-ended a woman in her 30s and was sentenced to nine years. You can be convicted of manslaughter for distracted driving which results in the death of another person.

3 Facts About Distracted Driving | Cell Phones Aren’t the Only Cause

Distracted driving is anything that takes your attention away from the road. It could be talking, texting, using your phone, eating, drinking, operating the stereo in your car. Studies have shown that most people are making a habit of distracted driving by using their phones, by texting, playing games, surfing the internet.

3 Facts About Distracted Driving | You Will be Fined

Clients often ask me about the penalties for cell phone use in New York State. The penalties have increased over the past few years, due to the increased use of cell phones. A cell phone violation is a 5-point violation on your driver’s license. There is a maximum fine of $400. If you have a junior license, a probationary license, or a learner’s permit, that can result in a 120-day suspension of your license.

If you have been given a ticket for distracted driving, please contact our experienced Rochester traffic ticket attorneys today. Everyone makes mistakes. We can help make sure you don’t make the same mistake again.

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