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In Buffalo, Where Do The Police Get The Equipment To Conduct A Blood Alcohol Test?

When someone accused of drinking and driving undergoes a blood test instead of a breath test to determine his or her blood alcohol level, it helps to have an experienced Buffalo DWI lawyer. The blood test is generally considered more accurate than a breath test, and an experienced lawyer will know how to examine all […]

Should The Police Read A Driver His Or Her Rights Before Giving Field Sobriety Tests In Buffalo?

Most Buffalo residents are familiar with the idea that before placing someone under arrest, the police are supposed to read that person their Miranda warnings or “rights,” which include the right to an attorney and the right against self-incrimination. Because field sobriety tests – such as reciting the alphabet or walking a straight line – […]

Do You Get Points On Your Driver's License For A DWI Conviction In Buffalo?

A Buffalo driver arrested for drinking and driving will usually be issued a Uniform Traffic Ticket that looks very similar to the tickets issued for other driving offenses – such as speeding or passing a stop sign. Most moving violations for which traffic tickets are issued result in a certain number of “points” being placed […]

Menacing In The Second Degree (NY PL 120.14) Defense Attorney In Buffalo?

Menacing in the Second Degree (NY PL 120.14) in Buffalo is a Class A Misdemeanor, characterized by one or more of three provisions in the statute. As a general proposition, the crime of Menacing means to engage in conduct that would create a reasonable fear or injury or death in a person. Menacing in the […]

Criminal Defense Lawyer For Menacing In The First Degree (NY PL 120.13) In Buffalo

Menacing in the First Degree (NY PL 120.13) is only charged in Buffalo when a person has previously been convicted of Second Degree Menacing within the past ten years. Under the statute, if you have previously been convicted of Second Degree Menacing and commit similar conduct again, you can be charged with Menacing in the […]

Can I Get Custody If I Pleaded Guilty To Minor Misdemeanor In Buffalo When I Was Very Young?

It’s certainly possible that you can get custody of your children even if you had a minor scrape with the law in Buffalo when you were young. How much you’ll need to defend yourself along these lines has a lot to do with whether your spouse chooses to attack on these grounds, but if that’s […]

Criminal Attorney For Those Arrested For Aggravated Assault Upon A Person Less Than Eleven Years Old (NY PL 120.12) In Buffalo

Prosecutors and police take child abuse allegations extremely seriously in Buffalo, so when an adult over the age of 18 is accused of assaulting a child under the age of 11, and has been convicted of a previous assault against a child within the last three years, they will be charged with Aggravated Assault Upon […]

Can The Police Make A Driver Perform Field Sobriety Tests In Buffalo?

Almost all DWI arrests in the Buffalo area involve members of law enforcement asking the driver to perform certain “field sobriety tests,” such as standing on one leg or reciting the alphabet, for the purpose of assessing the driver’s physical and mental condition. This request will take place prior to the police officer placing the […]

What Is Extreme Hardship In Buffalo When Seeking A Hardship License In A DWI Case?

When a Buffalo driver is arrested for drinking and driving, New York law requires that his or her driving privileges be suspended at arraignment. This means that even though he or she has not been convicted of any offense, the defendant will lose his or her driving privileges at the first court appearance. While the […]

What Are The Penalties In Buffalo For Drunk Driving On A Snowmobile?

When a Buffalo area resident is convicted of driving a snowmobile while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the penalties differ from those imposed when operating a car or truck. What penalties may be imposed depends on the specific offense. For a first time offender convicted of Operating a Snowmobile While Ability Impaired by […]