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Do I Have To Keep My Kids On My Health Insurance Policy If My Spouse Works And Will Be Getting Custody?

That’s an issue that will have to be discussed as part of the child support agreement. By providing (and paying for) health insurance for you child, you may be subject to lower support payments, or a lesser obligation when it comes to things like your share of medical costs. On the other hand, your spouse […]

My Kids Avoid Visitation And Are Angry During Our Times Together. How Can I Stop My Ex From Saying Bad Things About Me To Them?

When a parent can’t let go of their animosity toward their ex, it often spills over into veiled manipulations of the children they continue to share. By sharing opinions and attitudes about their ex or telling children factual information that isn’t age-appropriate, a parent may think they are “winning” against their ex spouse. However, even […]

Is Child Custody Worked Out In Divorce, Or Do We File A Separate Family Court Petition?

New York requires that child custody matters be worked out as part of the divorce settlement. If you and your spouse are lucky enough to still be able to talk through the relevant issues, you’ll want to develop a formal agreement in the short term so that you and your kids will know what to […]

I Don’t Like My Ex’s New Girlfriend Or Boyfriend. Can I Keep My Kids Away From Them?

As much as you may want to protect your kids by keeping their world simple and easy to navigate, the fact is that at some point, you or your former spouse are likely to meet someone, and the kids will have to learn to accept these new relationships. It’s not likely that you’ll convince a […]

Who Keeps The Business We Own?

Negotiating the disposition of a jointly owned business has significant financial, tax, and career implications for both spouses. We’ve helped clients approach business interests in a variety of ways, from continuing forward as co-owners, to buyouts of one party, to complete liquidation, among other options available. There are also considerations when it comes to children […]

My Former Spouse Isn’t Paying The Court-Ordered Child Support. What Do I Do?

Failure to comply with court orders is very serious, and failure to comply with court ordered child support is even more serious still. Any violation of a court order can result in a criminal contempt charge in New York, but when a spouse gets behind on child support payments, the court’s actions can be swift […]