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Spousal Issues with Custody and Child Support

Spousal Issues Rochester Family Law Attorney Divorce Lawyer

Getting used to your new custody and child support arrangements can be stressful. It can further overwhelm you if your spouse is not honoring these agreements. Here are two spousal issues that you may be facing. Spousal Issues | Your Spouse Not Paying Child Support People frequently come into our Rochester office with the complaint […]

Understanding Child Support

Understanding Child Support Rochester Divorce Attorneys Lawyers

If you are going through a divorce, you may be worried about child support. Hiring an attorney can help you figure out the best arrangement for you and your family. Determining Your Payment Amount When someone comes into our Rochester office, they often want to know how much their child support responsibility is going to […]

Rochester Child Custody Lawyer on Joint Custody vs Sole Custody

Rochester Child Custody Lawyer

When parents come to see me as an experienced Rochester Child Custody Lawyer, they often want to understand the difference between sole custody and joint custody. These terms refer to legal custody and which parent will make the important decisions in the child’s life. If either Mom or Dad has sole custody, it means they are responsible […]

Rochester Child Support Attorney Explains How You Should Handle Non-Reimbursed Medical Bills

Rochester Child Support Attorney

Many people come to see me as an experienced Rochester Child Support Attorney, with questions about the handling of non-reimbursed medical expenses such as co-pays incurred for your child’s doctor visits or prescriptions. Those two expenses are generally the most frequently addressed. I tell them the law states that these expenses are to be divided on a […]

Rochester Child Support Lawyer Explains Whether or Not Child Support is Tax Deductible

Rochester Child Support Lawyer

When people come to see me as an experienced Rochester Child Support Lawyer, wanting to know whether they can deduct child support payments on their tax return, the simple answer is no, you cannot. Child support is not a deductible expense. It’s not something you should try to claim. Are you trying to claim your child […]

Rochester Child Support Lawyer Discusses Your Ex Not Paying Child Support

Rochester Child Support Lawyer

People frequently come to me as an experienced Rochester Child Support Lawyer with the complaint that their spouse – or former spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend – is no longer paying ordered child support. Unfortunately, the truth is that, if the other person just stops paying child support, the onus then falls to the one who should be […]

Do I Still Have Visitation Rights With My Kid If I Lost My Job And Can’t Pay Child Support Right Now In Buffalo?

Yes, unless through some strange circumstance your custody agreement states otherwise, a temporary inability to pay child support won’t restrict your ability to visit and spend time with your child. Obviously, long term delinquency may have consequences you don’t want, like a suspended driver’s license, intercepted tax refunds, and even jail time, but Buffalo courts […]

My Ex Just Got A Promotion And Now Makes More Money Than I Do. Can I Stop Paying Child Support In Buffalo?

When your income and your ex’s incomes have reversed and you now earn less in Buffalo, your child support obligation may diminish or end – but not until a judge approves any changes to your child support order. If you stop paying without court approval, you’ll be in violation of a judge’s orders, and whatever […]

If Parents Split Custody 50/50 In Rochester, Does Either One Still Have To Pay Child Support?

Yes, when custody is split 50/50 in a Rochester divorce, the parent who earns more will be considered the non-custodial parent for the purposes of child support payments. Many parents balk at this legal device, but the State of New York believes that every child is entitled to financial support until they can support themselves, […]

Is Child Support Tax Deductible To The Payer In Rochester?

No, child support is not tax deductible to the payer, nor taxable income to the recipient. Spousal maintenance (alimony) is tax deductible to the paying spouse and taxable income to the recipient spouse, but when it comes to the costs of raising a child, the IRS treats your child support payments the way it would […]