Can Prior DWI Convictions Impact A Driver’s License That Is Revoked For Another Reason?

As experienced Buffalo DWI lawyers, we feel that it is important for our clients to be aware of the potential long term impact of a drinking and driving conviction.

Under the current regulations of the Department of Motor Vehicles, a driver who has his or her driver’s license revoked will have their entire driving history reviewed by the Department of Motor Vehicles at the conclusion of the statutory minimum revocation period.

If the driver has multiple drug or alcohol-related driving convictions, the DMV may rule that the driver is ineligible for a full driver’s license.

This is true even of the current revocation of the driver’s license is not for a drug or alcohol-related driving offense.

Under the regulations of the DMV, a driver who has had his or her driver’s license revoked for a non-alcohol related offense may be denied relicensing based on drinking and driving convictions that occurred years ago.

If the driver has three or four alcohol or drug-related driving convictions or alcohol or drug-related driving incidents (such as a finding of having refused to take the breath test) the DMV will not reinstate his or her driving privileges for an additional two years following the mandatory minimum period of revocation.

Once driving privileges are reinstated, the driver will only hold a restricted driver’s license for an additional two years.

This license would only allow driving for work, school and necessities.

Drivers who are not currently revoked for a drinking and driving offense but have more than four prior alcohol or drug-related convictions or incidents or have an additional Serious Driving Offense (such as involvement in a fatal accident or a driving-related Penal Law conviction) may have their privilege to hold a full driver’s license permanently revoked by the DMV.

A conviction for drinking and driving may have repercussions on the defendant’s rights and privileges for years after the arrest.

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