Legal Audits From A New York Based Legal Auditor

Dear New York Business Owner:

You are very familiar with tax audits and accounting audits.But you are probably not familiar with a “legal audit”.

A legal audit is very similar.A business lawyer reviews your entire business operation looking for potential legal issues and compliance with applicable laws. Then the lawyer makes suggestions for dealing with potential legal problems before they occur.

My name is Bob Friedman, a partner in the New York Law Firm of Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC, P.C.One of my areas of expertise is the legal audit which I’ve been practicing for almost three decades.

And besides identifying potential issues, I also search for other business opportunities and areas where you can realize significant cost savings.At the end-of-the-day, a legal audit will significantly help your business operate more efficiently and become more profitable….with fewer legal risks.

In today’s business environment with the phenomenal costs of litigation, you need a way to minimize your exposure to expensive claims and lawsuits.

Think of it this way….If the future of medicine is to examine and define problems before they occur….then the future of the legal profession is the same.And for New York businesses, that is accomplished with a legal audit.

With an annual legal review, I not only assess the general “legal health” of your business, I also tailor the audit to your specific concerns such as federal and state tax liabilities, employment law problems and hazardous waste issues.

Additionally, no business plan is complete without a solid succession plan and an in-depth look at estate planning issues.

For a very reasonable fee, an annual legal audit can help you:

  • Avoid Court
  • Avoid Jail and Fines
  • Reduce Your Yearly Legal Costs
  • Improve Your Reputation and Public Relations
  • Take Advantage of Future Trends
  • Educate Your Employees
  • Improve Your Work Environment and Productivity

How The Legal Audit Works

With a legal audit, I will analyze your legal vulnerability and draft a remedial plan for you that will:

  • Explain your potential legal exposure;
  • Recommend legal compliance guidelines,
  • Provide the necessary legal forms;
  • Provide recommendation for any needed employee training;
  • And provide written reminders regarding leases, loans and other contractual agreements.

Just above, you’ll see legal compliance guidelines noted in the second bullet.This particular area is extremely vital to your day-to-day operations.In fact, it is so vital, that my guidelines will also include a complete legal compliance analysis and recommended compliance program.This will include the development of policies, presentations, and other materials that are tailored to address your New York company’s particular industry, regulatory environment, and problem areas.

The analysis and compliance program will address:

  • Accounts Payable (phony invoices, kickbacks)
  • Accounts Receivable
  • ADA compliance
  • Anti-Trust Violations
  • Buy/Sell Shareholder Agreements
  • Consumer Laws
  • Corporate Structure (by-laws/minutes)
  • Credit and Collections
  • Employee Theft
  • Environmental Compliance (lead paint, asbestos, hazardous materials, sick buildings)
  • Fraud
  • Human Resources (benefits, employee manual)
  • Insurance (malpractice, worker’s compensation, general liability, disability)
  • Loans/Leases
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Payroll
  • Pension/Retirement plans
  • Product liability
  • Real Estate (leases, entity, income, expenses and zoning)
  • Record Retention/Storage
  • Workplace Violence Prevention

Today’s business owner is no different than one in the early 1900’s.Owning and operating a business then was a risky proposition….just as it is today.In fact, Elihu Root, an American lawyer and statesman, and the 1912 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, referring to his business clients, once said…..

“About half of the practice of a decent lawyer consists in telling would-be clients that they are damned fools and should stop.”

In today’s business environment….there are no fools.Just your competition breathing down your neck.

If you would like an opportunity to widen the distance between you and your competition, please contact me at 716 542 5444 or toll-free 800 729 4571 to discuss the legal audit in more detail.