Rochester Divorce Lawyer on Your Spouse Paying for the Legal Fees

As a Rochester Divorce Lawyer, I am often asked by clients who are unable to pay for their divorce because they do not have access to the family money and are looking to have their spouse pay for it.

  • There’s nothing one spouse can do to force the other spouse to pay legal fees.
  • One can apply to the court asking the judge to consider directing the other spouse to pay all or part of the legal fees.
  • The court will usually base its decision on the income and resources of both parties.
  • If both people make approximately the same amount, the court will require each person to be responsible for their own fees.
  • The court’s decision is based on the parties’ income and resources – and whether either party has deliberately delayed the proceedings.
  • A court may make an initial determination as to whether a person is entitled to assistance with legal fees, but often delays that decision until later.

Do you want to have your spouse pay for a divorce because they are the one with the money?  Contact Rochester Divorce Lawyer Michael Ranzenhofer for help.

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