Rochester Lawyers / Rochester Landlord Tenant Lawyer Discusses Backflow Preventers

Rochester Landlord Tenant Lawyer Discusses Backflow Preventers

  • According to New York State’s health code, back flow preventers are required in most commercial properties and larger residential properties to protect municipal water systems.
  • Although not all towns enforce this New York State Health law, contractors should be alert.
  • People have been informed that they will have to install back flow preventers which, in a medium-sized apartment complex, can cost from $20,000 to $80,000.
  • Pushback from sellers who don’t want to provide or guarantee back flow prevention makes it important for those considering the purchase of a specific property to check with local zoning and building authorities regarding the requirement for a back flow certificate.
  • If certification is required, buyers should elicit a written guarantee from sellers stating that they will install a back flow preventer.

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