$20.5M Verdict for Injured NY Court Officer

$20.5M Verdict for Injured NY Court OfficerNew York court officer Michael Williams suffered nerve and spinal cord injuries when a poorly-secured exterior side door at the Nassau County Criminal Courthouse in Mineola. New York slammed shut on him. The door, which serves as the judges’ entrance to the courthouse, was installed in 1940 and is referred to as the “guillotine” by county employees, Due to the injury, five of Williams’ neck vertebrae are held together with titanium implants, movement of his arms is limited and the extent of the damage is expected to worsen over time. The  49-year-old sergeant was on track to being promoted to lieutenant .The jury award of $20.5 million consisted of $10 million for 23 years worth of future pain and suffering, as well as $5 million for past pain and suffering, $3.3 million lost earnings and pension benefits; and approximately  $2 million for medical expenses, loss of household services and his wife’s loss of consortium.

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