Daily Archives: March 29, 2014

If My Teenager Refuses To Come To My House For Weekend Visitations, Do I Still Have To Pay Support?

Yes, and unfortunately for you, the courts tend to be more hands off with teens when it comes to their attendance at visitation. As a first step, try to talk to your former spouse and get a feel for whether they’re encouraging your teen to participate. Talk to your teen and see if they’ll tell […]

In The Buffalo, NY Area, Am I Able To Get A Divorce If I Just Found Out I’m Pregnant?

Yes, you can get a divorce in Buffalo if you’re pregnant. Be advised though, pregnancy can complicate a divorce action considerably. For instance, you should expect that paternity will be called into question by the other side, especially if you seek child support. Crafting settlements that plan for a child’s future health and educational needs […]

In Buffalo, Do I Have To Keep My Spouse On My Life Insurance If They File For Divorce?

Yes, you do. One of the first things that happens when someone files for divorce in Buffalo is that the court issues a series of automatic orders. They instruct both parties in the action to leave alone things like retirement accounts and investments. You are also not allowed to go max out credit cards, sell […]

In Buffalo, Do I Have To Keep My Spouse On My Health Insurance If They File For Divorce?

It’s a terrible feeling to be served with divorce papers. Maybe you knew the marriage was in trouble, but had no idea your spouse had actually sat down with a divorce lawyer. Many of our clients feel an understandable desire to respond by canceling the things they pay for their spouse to have, like a […]