If We Don’t Agree On Custody And Visitation, Won’t The Judge Make Up A Schedule?

If you and your spouse genuinely cannot come to terms about the living situation, financial support, and other matters related to your children, a trial will have to be held. This process is expensive, emotionally exhausting, and, in most cases, extremely combative.

Your children may be assigned an advocate who will represent their interests, while you and your spouse argue about yours. Custody battles are some of the worst pieces in a divorce, and no one’s interest is usually served by having them.

At Friedman & Ranzenhofer, we know there’s a difference between fighting for your child – as when your spouse has a history of violence or substance abuse and your kids need to be protected – and custody fights as a proxy for the larger issues in the end of the marriage.

We can help protect you and your kids, and do everything possible to minimize the negative impact of divorce on them.

But if your spouse simply won’t cooperate with a reasonable custody arrangement, we fight aggressively in trial to achieve an end that meets our clients’ needs.

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