Legal Advice and Consulting Advice for New York Small Businesses

Monthly Retainer Attorney Access Program

Rochester Lawyer Bob FriedmanDear Business Owner: Has your business ever encountered any of these issues?
  • Is an employee threatening to sue you?
  • Are you unsuccessful in collecting money from customers?
  • Do you have a contract dispute with a vendor?
  • Do you have questions regarding your office lease?
  • Are you buying a business?
  • Do you know the advantages of being an LLC?
  • Are you thinking of taking in a new partner?
  • Are legal costs preventing you from consulting with a New York lawyer?
If so, you need a monthly retainer plan for legal services, instead of getting enormous invoices every time you need legal advice. You’re familiar with that practice, right? That’s when you need legal help and your attorney sends a bill with a long itemized list for every charge imaginable. A monthly retainer program offers quick answers and resolutions for your legal problems which are only a telephone call away….for a fraction of the price that other New York small businesses are paying. Our Monthly Retainer Program includes:
  1. Toll free telephone or e-mail consultation with Bob Friedman, business attorney for 29 years, entrepreneur and author of the The Upstart Small Business Legal Guide which has been published on the websites of USA Today, Business Week, FindLaw, CBS-TV, Fox-TV and the LA Daily News.
  2. 15% discount on standard fees for additional legal work and Annual Preventive NY Legal Audit.
  3. Free Legal Forms on debt collection, LLCs, contracts, leases, and much more.
  4. Complimentary monthly legal e-mail updates with valuable insight into running your New York small business from a legal and business point of view.
  5. Same day response to your e-mail and telephone inquiries.
For Small Businesses that can’t afford hourly rates or an in-house attorney, the Monthly Retainer Attorney Access Program offers small New York businesses the same quality of general counsel legal services available to larger companies having their own in-house legal staff, on a more cost-effective basis. While the business legal climate is becoming increasingly complex, most New York small businesses frequently lack ready access to lawyers who are experienced in protecting the value of business assets, resolving business legal problems, and developing proactive strategies for avoiding such problems. I invest the time required to understand your business, your business philosophy, and industry environment. We are only a phone call away when a problem arises. With constantly changing court rulings and legislation and liability exposure, you most likely often wish that you had your own business attorney on retainer to discuss important business issues with as they arise. Yet, many business owners often neglect or delay consulting with an attorney on legal issues until it is too late, usually due to financial concerns. To assist New York small business owners in getting fast, affordable answers to their legal questions, we make available our Monthly Retainer Program where you will be able to call our firm when questions arise about such legal aspects of your business as:
  • Asset Protection Strategies;
  • Corporate Compliance;
  • Contract Issues;
  • Governmental Compliance;
  • Equipment Leases;
  • Landlord/Tenant Matters;
  • Customer/Vendor Problems;
  • Intellectual Property Protection;
  • Bankruptcy;
  • And Business Acquisitions.
In fact, there are more than 80 Business areas I can assist you with, including complex Real Estate and Tax Issues (you can view the detailed list at my New York Business Law page). The Monthly Retainer Access Program is available two ways.
  1. The Gold Plan for a low monthly fee of only $399; includes Three Hours of Telephone or E-Mail Consultations (***This plan saves you $500 per month from what most other business lawyers charge.***).
  2. The Platinum Plan for a low monthly fee of only $599 and includes Five Hours of Telephone or E-Mail Consultations (***This plan saves you $900 per month from what most other business lawyers charge.***).
With this offer, your satisfaction is guaranteed…or I will refund 100% of your money back. In order to maintain the attractive rate of this program, the monthly retainer does not include time spent reviewing, drafting, revising or negotiating legal documents; implementing strategies discussed over the telephone; preparing written correspondence; legal research; and telephone conferences or meetings with third parties.

How To Enroll In The Monthly Attorney Access Retainer Program

To initiate the Monthly Retainer Program, or to get more information, please e-mail me using the contact form on this page or call me at (585) 484-7432.