The Criminal Charge Of Making Graffiti In Buffalo

It is not uncommon for Buffalo’s young people to become involved in illegal activity related to vandalism of property.

While vandalism can take several forms, the making of graffiti is prevalent enough that it is listed as a separate criminal offense in New York State.

The term graffiti under New York State law includes the making of any sort of mark upon property with the intention of causing damage to the property.

It is not just limited to painting or drawing, but also includes etching, carving, obscuring or marking property in any other way.

A youth may be charged with Making Graffiti if he or she places graffiti of any type on any public or private property.

This includes both real estate, such as buildings, and personal property, such as vehicles.

It does not matter if the property is owned by a private individual, a business or a governmental agency.

There is an obvious exception to the charge when the person making the mark has the express permission of the property owner to do so.

Making Graffiti is a crime that may have serious legal repercussions.

If you or your teenager has been arrested for damaging property, call us at 716-542-5444.

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