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What Is The Penalty For Cemetery Desecration in the First Degree?

A Buffalo teenager charged with Cemetery Desecration in the First Degree faces a class E felony charge. This is a criminal offense which carries serious penalties. A first time offender convicted of this offense faces a potential prison sentence of up to four years. As an alternative to jail, the Court may impose up to […]

When Can A Youth Be Charged With Cemetery Desecration In The First Degree?

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for teenagers and young adults in Buffalo to be involved in various types of vandalism, and acts such as knocking over gravestones are a common form of such vandalism. Causing damage at a cemetery, however, can carry very serious criminal consequences. While Cemetery Desecration in the First Degree may be […]

The Criminal Charge Of Making Graffiti In Buffalo

It is not uncommon for Buffalo’s young people to become involved in illegal activity related to vandalism of property. While vandalism can take several forms, the making of graffiti is prevalent enough that it is listed as a separate criminal offense in New York State. The term graffiti under New York State law includes the […]