Penalties For Sexual Abuse In The First Degree (NY PL 130.65) In Rochester

As a D felony, a conviction for Sexual Abuse in the First Degree (NY PL 130.65) can put you in prison for up to seven years.

You’ll also be stuck with a felony sex crime record and forced to register as a sex offender, which means that everyone in your life will be able to see the conviction with a simple internet search.

A felony sex offense record means you’ll be excluded from numerous opportunities throughout your life, from career fields to housing to educational options.

Put simply, if you’re charged with Sexual Abuse in the First Degree in Rochester, you have to fight back.

At Friedman & Ranzenhofer, our attorneys are extremely experienced at developing strong cases, and we are some of the toughest negotiators you’ll find.

We can help you get the best possible outcome, from reduced charges to winning in court.

If you need help with sexual abuse in the first degree charges, call us today at 585-484-7432.

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