Rochester Child Custody Attorney Examines Your Ex Refusing You Access to the Children

Rochester Child Custody AttorneyOccasionally, a mom or dad comes to see me as a Rochester Child Custody Attorney, and says the other parent is not letting them visit with the child. In those circumstances, one thing that parent must do immediately is make application to the court. Just as a point of guidance, this must be done as soon as possible. If the situation is permitted to continue for months and months, it’s a lot harder to make a valid argument. Go in right away and say, “This is how the situation was and then, all of a sudden, Mom (or Dad) is not letting me see my child anymore.” Once you make that application to the court, the judge will examine all the factors, listen to the other person’s response, and hear their reason for refusal. Generally, if a pattern of access with your child has been established, you would submit an enforcement petition requesting the court to enforce the rights to access with your child that existed prior to their being denied.

Are you no longer allowed to see your children?  Contact dedicated Rochester Child Custody Attorney Michael Ranzenhofer for legal guidance.

This educational legal blog was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced Rochester Child Custody Attorney.

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