Is Spousal Maintenance A Part Of Every Divorce Settlement In Rochester?

No, spousal maintenance isn’t a required part of a divorce, and as more couples with similar earning power get married and then divorce, spousal maintenance is becoming more and more optional in negotiated settlements.

In most marriages though, it’s easy to show a pattern of educational or professional sacrifices made by one spouse, to benefit the educational or professional aspirations of the other.

These sacrifices usually result in an income disparity between the spouses, and in that case, the court has a strong presumption in favor of spousal maintenance to help the lower earner recover.

Depending on age, health status, length of marriage, and many other factors, a judge can order spousal maintenance either for a set period of years, or in some cases, for the rest of your life.

By working with experienced Rochester divorce attorneys, you can expect an award that helps you meet your goals after your divorce.

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