What Is A Victim Impact Panel in the Buffalo Area?

A Buffalo driver convicted of drinking and driving will find that, in some areas, the court has broad discretion when crafting a sentence.

In addition to the expected consequences of fines and potential jail time or probation, the court may impose additional penalties aimed at educating or rehabilitating the defendant for the purpose of curbing future drinking and driving.

One such requirement may be attendance at a Victim Impact Panel.

A Victim Impact Panel is a program where individuals whose lives have been affected by an intoxicated driver – usually people who have lost family members or friends in an automobile accident – make a presentation to the audience.

The purpose of these presentations is to encourage DWI offenders to think about the consequences drinking and driving may have on other people.

Even though a defendant may not have been involved in an accident, it is common for the court to require attendance at a Victim Impact Panel with the goal of discouraging future drinking and driving.

A defendant who is ordered to attend a Victim Impact Panel usually will be given a specific date, time and place to attend by the Court.

If the defendant fails to attend, he or she may be re-sentenced by the court and have additional penalties imposed.

There are many potential consequences to being convicted of drinking and driving, and it helps to have an experienced DWI lawyer assisting you following an arrest.

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