3 Commonly Asked Divorce Questions

Are you going through the divorce process and need help? Check out these 3 commonly asked divorce questions, then call our attorneys today.

1) What are the Steps in the Divorce Process?

  • 3 Commonly Asked Divorce QuestionsThe client’s first step toward divorce is learning about his or her legal rights.
  • The second step is making a decision as to whether or not to proceed with the divorce.
  • If the decision is to proceed, the next step is to sign and file certain required documents, including a payment agreement between the client and the attorney with respect to legal fees and a statement of client rights.
  • After that, the divorce action actually starts  a summons filed in the county clerk’s office.

2) What is the Most Important Issues in Your Case?

  • n an initial divorce consultation, the two most important issues are children and money.
  • The client wants to know who’s going to have custody of the children, where they will live, how they will be supported, and who will pay for their health insurance.
  • Other important issues – such as the house, vehicles and retirement accounts – involve property and money.
  • Debts, including credit card debt, are also included among property issues.

3) What are the Differences Between a Contested and an Uncontested Divorce?

  • Most clients say theirs will be amicable and uncontested – but the terms are considerably different.
  • Your divorce is uncontested when you serve your spouse and he or she just lets the divorce go ahead. They don’t hire a lawyer, submit an answer, or come to court.
  • In a contested divorce, your spouse hires a lawyer who submits an answer. Then, both sides – represented by lawyers – negotiate the important issues, including the children, money, and  property.
  • The essential difference is that in a truly uncontested divorce, the served party does nothing, while in a contested divorce, the other party responds and participates in negotiations.

Do you want to start the divorce process, but don’t know how?  Check out these 3 commonly asked divorce questions that we have answered, then contact our dedicated Rochester Divorce Lawyer Michael Ranzenhofer for guidance.

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