3 Questions About a Will


Are you interested in the estate planning process? Check out these 3 questions about a will that we are asked often, then call us today.

1. Can You Write Your Own Will?

3 Questions About a WillWe are often asked whether a client can write his or her own will, and we strongly recommend against it. First of all, handwritten wills are not legal. Secondly, wills have to be properly witnessed by two witnesses. If an attorney supervises the signing of the will, it’s presumed to be properly executed. To avoid will contest, which can involve thousands of dollars, we prepare wills for only $79. It’s a rather simple process. We have you complete an information sheet in advance of the appointment. We discuss all of your information on the sheet at the first appointment, and then you’ll come back for a second

2. What is the Procedure for a Having a Will Prepared?

  • The first thing we do is have our clients fill out a will information sheet
  • After we discuss the will information sheet, we will then draft a will and other documents like a health care proxy and power of attorney
  • After the clients review the documents, we will then have the documents properly executed

3. What are the Ground for Contesting a Will?

  • There are 4 grounds for contesting a will in New York;
  • The first ground is lack of due execution
  • The second ground is lack of testamentary capacity
  • The third ground is undue influence
  • The fourth ground is duress, when a person is forced to sign a will against their consent.

Would you like to create a will? If so, after reading these 3 questions about a will, contact the experienced Rochester Estate Planning Attorneys today for a legal consultation and case evaluation.

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