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What is Buffalo Housing Court?

The New York State Legislature created the Buffalo Housing Court in 1978 to address a crisis of deteriorating housing stock that continues today. The Housing Court has the duty to protect and promote the public interest.  It fashions innovative remedies for the thousands of building code violation cases that it handles each year. The Buffalo […]

How to Obtain Rochester, NY Birth and Death Records

Rochester and Monroe County, New York records can be obtained from the Monroe County Office of Vital records at 111 Westfall Rd., Rm. 147, P.O. Box 92832, Rochester, NY 14692 .Phone: 585 753-5141.Fax: 585 753-5961. Hours are 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Monday through Friday) Birth Certificate: You may obtain your own record. However, only […]

What is a New York Not-for-Profit Corporation?

A not-for-profit corporation is a corporation formed pursuant to the New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law. The Certificate of Incorporation of a New York not-for-profit corporation must set forth the specific purposes for which the corporation is being formed and the corporation may not be formed for financial gain. There are four types of not-for-profit corporations: Type […]

Free Rochester NY Legal Forms

The website now has links to these twenty-five free Rochester, NY and Monroe County real estate forms: Purchase and Sale Contract For Residential Properties Purchase and Sale Contract For Condo Properties – HOA Purchase and Sale Contract For Manufactured Housing Without Land Purchase or Sale Contract For Lots, Vacant Land and Farms Residential Construction […]

Rochester NY Curfew Law Is Unconstitutional

In response to the murder of three minors, the City Council of Rochester, New York passed a curfew ordinance. The New York Court of Appeals ruled that the juvenile nighttime curfew violated the Federal and New York State Constitutional rights of minors, as well as their parents. Under the curfew, it is unlawful for minors […]

Supreme Court Dismisses Drug Case

At defendant’s state court drug trial, the prosecution introduced certificates of state laboratory analysts stating that the cocaine seized by police and connected to him was of a certain quantity. As required by Massachusetts law, the certificates were sworn to before a notary public and submitted as prima facie evidence of what they asserted. Defendant […]

When Can Your New York Criminal Records Be Sealed?

New York State criminal records of arrests not leading to conviction may be sealed (including expunged, erased, or purged). The individual can deny the existence of the arrest, unless he or she is applying for a law enforcement job. Criminal conviction records can be sealed (including expunged, erased, or purged).In 2009, a law was passed […]

Nine Free Rochester Legal Services (Part II of II)

5) MENTAL HYGIENE LEGAL SERVICE (STATE OF NEW YORK) Representation without charge to persons in OMH and OMRDD certified inpatient and community residence beds who need legal advice or assistance concerning their care, treatment, institutionalization and/or placement. MHLS advocacy includes: rights concerning commitment and administration of medication; investigation of reports of abuse and neglect; and […]

Free Rochester NY Legal Services (Part I of II)

The following nine agencies provide free legal services in the Rochester, NY area  for those who meet their eligibility requirements: 1) THE ADVOCACY CENTER  Individual advocacy, legal information, referrals, newsletters and workshops for persons in Western New York with developmental disabilities and their families. Must be a person or a family member of one with […]

Free New York Forclosure Help

If you are a New York resident and are having trouble paying your mortgage, or are at risk of foreclosure, contact a not-for-profit housing counselor in your area. Not-for-profit housing counselors provide free, professional advice. They can help you assess your options, negotiate with your lender and find free legal services and other resources in […]