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New Mortgage Foreclosure Law

Comprehensive New York foreclosure legislation provides additional critical protections for NewYork State homeowners, tenants and neighborhoods in the wake of the ongoing foreclosure crisis. The legislation builds upon the 2008 landmark sub-prime lending reform law protecting homeowners currently at risk of foreclosure and minimizing the negative impacts that foreclosures have on communities. It protects homeowners […]

New York Child Passenger Protection Act

The New York Child Passenger Protection Act, also known as Leandra’s Law, makes penalties for drunk driving with child passengers the toughest in the nation. Beginning on December 18, 2009, Leandra’s Law makes it a first-time Class E felony offense for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs while transporting passengers age 15 and […]

How Do I Decide If I Need To Hire An Attorney After An Accident

If you’ve been injured in an accident, there are situations where you will not need to hire an attorney.In New York, small claims court will handle personal injury claims of up to $3000 dollars. If you have an injury that is minor and won’t result in an incapacity or substantial medical care, you should consider […]

NY Attorneys May Cancel Home Purchase Contract

Attorneys in New York may cancel real estate purchase agreements on behalf of their clients for any reason, or for no reason at all, under the “attorney approval contingency” clause typically used in Buffalo and WesternNew York. The Erks signed a contract to purchase the Morans home in Clarence, NewYork for $505,000. The contract of […]

New Foreclosure Law Protects Tenants

Residential tenants in New York and most other states used to have their leases extinguished at foreclosure and could be evicted by the new owners. The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act (PTFA) provides residential tenants with new  protections when landlords lose rental units to foreclosure of federally related mortgages. Tenants living in foreclosed rental units […]

The Buffalo NY Rental Registry

Buffalo City Ordinance Chapter 264, Licensing of Rental Housing Business, requires the registration of non-owner occupied one and two-family rental dwellings. Q: What is the Buffalo Rental Registry? A: The Buffalo Rental Registry consists of a database of relevant information regarding all non-owner occupied one and two-family rental dwellings in the City of Buffalo, including […]

Which New York State Agencies Require Approval of Not-for-Profit Corporation Filings?

Certain purposes, such as: the establishment or operation of any aged care accommodation, adult care facility, or substance or alcohol abuse program; an educational purpose or the promotion of science, literature, art or history requires that the consent or approval of another agency be attached to the Certificate of Incorporation when it is submitted to […]

NY Court Appoints a Monitor Instead of a Guardian

In an New York Guardianship Article 81 proceeding, the New York Supreme Court, Cortland County, appointed the court evaluator as a “monitor” to oversee the financial transactions of the Alleged Incapacitated Person (AIP), instead of appointing a guardian. The AIP suffered from a bout of hypomania causing him to engage in irrational and excessive spending.  […]

Seven New Rules Help Mortgage Shoppers Get a Fair Deal (Part II of II)

#5) The new rules ensure that consumers receive “good faith estimates” of the costs of a mortgage earlier in the application process and that the disclosures better explain the costs and terms of a loan. The disclosures will cover areas such as the potential for mortgage payments to increase, any penalty for paying off the […]