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What Are The Penalties For Vehicular Assault In The First Degree in The Buffalo Area?

Repeat or extremely intoxicated DWI offenders who are charged with Vehicular Assault in the First Degree face serious penalties and need the help of an experienced Buffalo criminal defense lawyer. First Degree Vehicular Assault is a class D felony. A conviction will lead to a permanent criminal record and is likely to result in the […]

Defense Attorney For Vehicular Assault in the First Degree In The Buffalo Area?

Attorneys With Friedman & Ranzenhofer Provide Information Regarding Vehicular Assault In The First Degree There are several different criminal charges a Buffalo driver who is accused of causing an injury in a motor vehicle accident may face. Vehicular Assault in the First Degree (NY Penal Code Article 120.04) is a very serious criminal charge that […]

If I Have My Kids For The Summer, Do I Still Have To Pay Child Support For Those Months?

You do. When your former spouse is the primary caretaker of your children, you may feel like the long summer break is your time to cut loose with your kids and spend that money directly on them. From the perspective of Rochester courts though, you’d be in violation of your child support order if you […]

If An Inheritance Was Left To Both Of Us, But From My Relative, Is It A Marital Asset In Buffalo Divorce?

It may be. While inheritances are generally understood to be separate assets, they are the separate asset of the person to whom they were bequeathed. If your relative left an inheritance to you and your spouse, the court may well take your relative at their word, and allow it to be a marital asset and […]

Do The Courts In Buffalo Consider My Contributions As A Homemaker When They Value Our Marital Property?

Yes, when it comes to the equitable distribution of marital assets, your role as a homemaker gets careful consideration, and your spouse won’t walk away with an outsized award just because they make more money. Judges in Buffalo take great care to ensure that the lower-earning spouse in a divorce has the resources to move […]

After A Long Marriage, Will A Divorce Deprive Me Of Inheritance Rights To My spouse’s estate in Buffalo?

Yes, a loss of inheritance rights is one of the factors that divorce judges take into consideration when they determine the final financial settlement in a litigated divorce in Buffalo. In a long marriage, the loss of inheritance can represent a significant financial downturn for the lower-earning spouse. However, with effective representation, these matters will […]

What Does The Court Consider When Deciding To Issue A Hardship License?

A Buffalo driver who is arrested for DWI and took a breath test will, in almost all cases, have his or her driver’s license suspended at the first court appearance. While the defendant is eligible for a conditional license after thirty days, many people have to be able to drive for work or school during […]

When Is It Legal To Stop Someone At A Buffalo Area DWI Checkpoint?

Both the U.S. Supreme Court and the New York Court of Appeals – the highest court in the state – both determined many years ago that the use of checkpoints or roadblocks by the police to randomly screen drivers is not necessarily a violation of a driver’s rights. Many Buffalo area police agencies continue to […]

What Are The Penalties For Circumvention Of An Interlock Device?

A Buffalo DWI defendant who is required to use an ignition interlock device and attempts to damage it or avoid its use is subject to serious criminal penalties. Circumvention of an Interlock Device is a Class A Misdemeanor, which is a crime in New York State. A person convicted of this offense may be sentenced […]