Criminal Possession Of Marijuana (Marihuana) In The Fifth Degree (NY PL 221.10) Defense Attorney In The Buffalo, NY Area

Criminal Possession Of Marijuana (Marihuana) (NY PL 221.10) In The Fifth Degree

Buffalo prosecutors take drug charges seriously, even when the issue is a small amount of marijuana.

If you’ve been caught with a quantity of marijuana over 25 grams but less than two ounces, or if you’ve been caught with marijuana “burning or open to public view” in Buffalo, you’ll likely face a Criminal Possession of Marijuana charge under NY PL 221.10.

If convicted, you’ll have a record of a B Misdemeanor, and may face as long as 90 days in jail, though incarceration is relatively unusual.

The larger issue for you is that New York doesn’t allow expungement of criminal records, so you may find yourself in a position of explaining your drug conviction to future employers, professional organizations, landlords, and others whose opinions can profoundly shape your life.

The attorneys at Friedman & Ranzenhofer can help. While Criminal Possession of Marijuana isn’t the most serious charge you can face, any criminal record can have a serious negative impact on your future.

Call us today at 716-542-5444 for a legal consultation with an experienced Buffalo marijuana defense attorney.

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