Buffalo Defense Attorneys For Witness Or Victim Of A Drug Or Alcohol Overdose (NY PL 220.78)

Witness Or Victim Of A Drug Or Alcohol Overdose

One of the consequences of New York’s regime of drug prohibition is that people who need help are often unable to turn to authorities to get it.

For instance, when a person who deals drugs is the victim of a robbery, they can’t call the police to get their property back.

But when a person experiences a medical emergency because of drug or alcohol use, the state has deemed their health to be a higher need than the need to press charges against everyone involved.

Under NY PL 220.78, Witness or Victim of a Drug or Alcohol Overdose, prosecutors in Buffalo will not file a controlled substance charge against a person who makes a good faith effort to get medical help for a friend in an overdose or other drug-related medical emergency, or for an individual in such an emergency who seeks medical assistance.

This leniency does not apply when there is evidence of drug sales, or where the parties are minors.

This is a complex statute that has various exclusions and exceptions, but if you’re facing drug charges stemming from a medical emergency, you should get help from experienced drug crimes lawyers.

In Buffalo, there are few attorneys as experienced as the team at Friedman & Ranzenhofer.

If you or a family member are dealign with witness or victim of a drug or alcohol overdose charges, call us today at 716-542-5444 for a legal consultation with an experienced Buffalo drug crimes defense attorney.

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