Criminal Defense Attorney For Luring A Child (NY PL 120.70) In Rochester NY

Luring a Child (NY PL 120.70) is charged in Rochester when prosecutors believe they can prove that you lured a child under the age of 17 into a vehicle, structure, or place in order to commit any of a series of specified crimes against the child, including kidnapping, murder, and incest.

Luring a Child is included in a larger charging document as a lesser included offense in the prosecution for the underlying crime.

Because of the seriousness of the allegations in a Luring case, an experienced Rochester criminal defense attorney is critical to surviving these charges.

Penalties for Luring a Child will vary based on the crime committed against the child.

As a base charge, Luring a Child is a class E felony, with a sentence of up to four years if convicted.

If the underlying crime against the child was a class A or B felony, then you’ll be charged with either a class C or D felony for Luring, respectively.

At those levels, you’ll face a maximum of 15 years (class C felony) or seven years (class D felony) in prison.

Luring a Child and the related offenses you’re charged with have the potential to ruin your life.

The attorneys at Friedman & Ranzenhofer are some of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in Buffalo, and have defended clients here since 1955.

If you need help with Luring A Child charges, call us today at 585-484-7432 for a legal consultation with an experienced Buffalo criminal defense attorney.

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