Ex Preventing You From Seeing Your Children

Is your ex preventing you from seeing your children? Watch this educational video for guidance, then call our Rochester child custody lawyers.

  • If one parent refuses to allow the other to visit with the child, that parent must immediately make application to the court.
  • It is important that this is done as soon as possible because, if the situation is permitted to continue, it becomes difficult to make a valid argument.
  • Once that application to the court is made, the judge will examine the relevant factors, listen to the other person’s response, and hear their reason for refusal.
  • If a pattern of access to the child had been established, the aggrieved parent can submit an enforcement petition requesting the court to enforce their access rights as they formerly existed.

Is your ex preventing you from seeing your children? Contact dedicated Rochester Child Custody Attorney Michael Ranzenhofer for strong action. This educational legal video was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced Rochester Child Custody Attorney.

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