What Is Considered Forcible Touching In Buffalo?

As experienced Buffalo criminal defense attorneys, we are familiar with the variety of crimes categorized as Sex Offenses in New York State.

While still a crime, Forcible Touching is one of the less serious Sex Offense charges.

A person may be charged with Forcible Touching based on an accusation that he or she intentionally and forcibly touched the sexual or other intimate parts (generally, the genitals, breasts or buttocks) of someone else, either with the goal of gratifying his or her own sexual desires or to degrade or abuse the person touched.

While the statute may encompass any form of forcible contact, it specifically lists squeezing, grabbing or pinching of someone’s intimate or sexual body parts as a basis for the charge.

While all sex offenses require proof that the victim either was forced to engage in sexual conduct or was incapable of consenting to the conduct, lack of consent in Forcible Touching cases may be found under any circumstances where the victim did not expressly or implicitly acquiesce to being touched.

As a result, this charge if often seen in cases where the defendant is accused of “groping” another person.

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