I’m Well Off, But Have A Progressive Disease And Want To Protect My Family And Assets In Retirement. How Can I Know I’ll Have The Help I May Need In Buffalo, And Leave A Legacy For My Heirs?

American seniors are healthier than ever, but also live with chronic and progressive diseases that are often well controlled for decades.

As you consider retirement, it’s absolutely justified to think about what the future might hold for any ongoing health condition, and take reasonable steps to protect your wealth and your family should additional care be needed down the road.

When it comes to nursing home care and similar long term, intensive treatment options, the expenses involved can rapidly outstrip even the most well funded retirement accounts.

Private insurance and Medicare only cover a portion of these types of costs, and your access to state Medicaid programs can be limited by your wealth.

One way to address this is to plan ahead and create prudent financial instruments that give you access to the help you need, while ensuring that your legacy will go to your heirs, not the government.

When it’s time to plan for retirement, call Friedman & Ranzenhofer today at 585-484-7432.

We can help you protect yourself and your loved ones, regardless of your health status.

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