Criminal Defense Lawyer for Larceny (NY PL 155.05) in Buffalo NY


Larceny is the theft of property under New York law, and NY PL 155.05 defines the conduct that can be prosecuted under the several grades of larceny charges.

The statute codifies the following acts as larceny when they are committed with intent to deprive a person of property or appropriate another’s property:

● Wrongful taking or withholding property from the rightful owner
● Trespassory taking, larceny by trick, embezzlement, obtaining property by false pretenses
● Acquiring lost property that one knows has been lost or mislaid
● Issuing a bad check
● By false promise
● By extortion

Larceny will be charged by Buffalo prosecutors based on the value of the goods taken, and sentences will vary based on the specifics of the charges against you.

The attorneys at Friedman & Ranzenhofer are some of Buffalo’s most experienced larceny defense attorneys, and we can help you when you’ve been charged with any type of Larceny crime.

If you or a family member need help with Larceny charges, call us today at 585-484-7432 for a legal consultation.

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