Limited Liability Company Tips

If you are a business owner looking to create a limited liability company, you may want to speak to an attorney to get all the information needed to make this happen.

Limited Liability Company Tips | Forming an LLC

Limited Liability Company Tips Rochester Business Lawyer AttorneyAs a Rochester Business Lawyer, clients often ask how to form a limited liability company or LLC in New York. The LLC is formed by filing articles of organization with the New York Department of State and thereafter publishing a legal notice for six weeks in a daily newspaper and a weekly newspaper. We will also assist clients with preparing the operating agreement, the membership certificate, and all the necessary meeting minutes.

Limited Liability Company Tips | Advantages of an LLC

As a Rochester lawyer, real estate investors often ask me about the advantages of limited liability companies or LLCs in New York. This appears to be one of the more popular forms of business ownership. It provides you first and foremost with liability protection. It can also provide tax advantages as well as succession planning in order to pass property to the future generations.

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Limited Liability Company Tips | Forming a Business Online

As a Rochester Business Lawyer, clients often ask whether they can form their corporation or business online. It is very important that the articles of organization or the certificate of incorporation and the operating agreement be properly prepared and if you have an LLC, that all the publication requirements are necessary. It is best to be doing the corporate or LLC formation under the guidance of an attorney and an accountant.

Limited Liability Company Tips | LLCs for Real Estate Investors

As a Rochester Real Estate and Business Attorney, I am often asked whether a LLC should be used for holding real estate. I greatly recommend that for a number of reasons including and foremost is liability protection. It also provides for a good succession planning to pass the real estate onto future generations as well as many tax advantages, which I can explain to you.

If you are looking to form a limited liability company, please call our Rochester business lawyers.

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